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Volunteer Placement

Registration 7:00 am.


Intersections - 9:00 am.


Need at least four

Mile Timers  

Water Stations 9:00 am

Need at least two

Finish Line
9:00 am


Other things you could help with:
  • Stop at Farm Bureau to borrow a water trough, plan to pick it up Monday morning by 9:00 am.
  • Plan to pick up 'Day of Race' groceries and set them up on Monday morning.
  • Call police department and arrange for a deputy to escort of lead runners at 10 am.
  • Call Toni Truitt and arrange for ambulance service for 10 to 11:30 am Monday morning.
  • Plan to help with sign and cone placement at 6:00 am Monday morning.
  • Ask local restaurants if they have coupons we could leave out on a table for lunch on Monday.
  • Plan to stop by Cummins Athletic during the previous week to pick up ribbons.
  • Pick up water bottles from the Weinhard Cafe.